The Dinosaur Class: Four ~ Five Years Old

The Dinosaur class provides a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate experience for our oldest Rock Spring students who have turned four years old by September 30. The Dinosaur Teaching Team includes one teacher and one aide in addition to the parent volunteer / co-oper. 

The Dino class meets from 9:15 am until 1:10 pm with early release on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm. This helps prepare our oldest children for Kindergarten and includes time to enjoy a healthy lunch from home. 

•Number of Children Per Class: 18

•Number of Class Sections: 1

•Class Schedule: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

The Polar / Panda Bear Classes: 18 Months ~ Two Years Old

The Polar / Panda Bear classes offer a loving and nurturing environment for children who are 18 months old by September 30th. 

•Number of Children Per Class: 6

•Number of Class Sections: 2

•Class Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday (Panda) or Wednesday/Friday (Polar)

The Bunny & Beaver Classes: Two ~ Three Years Old

The Bunny and Beaver classes are open to children who are two years old by September 30. Both a two-day-per-week and a three-day-per-week program are available. 

•Number of Children Per Class: 8

•Number of Class Sections: 1 Bunny (2 days/week), 1 Beaver (3 days/week)

•Class Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Our School: Classes

RSCP currently offers four different age specific programs for 18 months to five years old. All classes run from 9:15 am - 12:00 noon, except the Dinosaur class which runs until 1:10 pm. Though schedules vary from class to class, a typical day includes: free play, circle time, art, big muscle play, snack, and story time. The curriculum also includes special activities such as music once a week, field trips, and special visitors. There is also an additional option for Lunch Bunch, Monday - Friday, for children age 3 and that are potty trained​.

The Pony and Penguin Classes: Three-Four Years Old

The Pony and Penguin classes offer an active, learning-oriented experience for children who have turned three years old by September 30. There is an additional 5th day option, the Pony/Penguin Play Day, offered to all Ponies and Penguins to be in a class together of up to 10 children on Mondays. 

This option is for those Ponies or Penguins who would like additional time to get to know each during a more unstructured day for play time.  This additional option only runs if there is enough interest in both classes.  
•Number of Children Per Class: 9
•Number of Class Sections: 2 (1 Pony & 1 Penguin Class)
•Class Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday (optional Mondays for Pony/Penguin Play Day)