Co-opers serve as teacher's assistants on a rotating basis. We require 11-14 co-op days per year per student enrolled, depending on the class. Sign up for co-op days happens at the beginning of the year so you can plan your co-op days well ahead of time!

On your co-op day, you will:

  • Arrive at 9 am and stay until noon
  • Work closely with the teacher to facilitate each child’s learning through play
  • Maintain adult-to-student ratios required for state licensing

Parents or legal guardians are required to fulfill at least 50% of each school year's co-op days that are assigned during the school year. A nanny, another family member, or friend can cover the other 50% of the co-op days.

To be a co-oper, you need to have an annual TB test, attend a classroom orientation,  and complete a background check. 

We offer a co-oping buy-out option on a case-by-case basis but we encourage families to take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of their child's classroom. For more information, contact us!


Our cooperative preschool provides a unique setting for young children, their families, and professional staff to learn through play. By choosing Rock Spring Cooperative Preschool for your child, you choose the many undeniable benefits of active involvement by family members in the education of their young children. Being part of Rock Spring Cooperative Preschool means:

• Active participation in your child’s class as the co-oper/assistant teacher on a rotating basis
• Sharing your child’s first school experience
• Getting to know your child’s teacher and each child in the class
• A close-knit community that supports each other and each child as they learn through play



Families also participate in a few other activities besides co-oping. Being a part of our collaboratice school in these ways helps us keep tuition low and

Membership Meetings 

There are two membership meetings a year. These are usually an hour and take place in the evenings. We ask that at least one family member attend each meeting to contribute to policy decisions and build community.


Member families serve on committees that help to keep our school running. Committee positions are assigned based on the time and talents each family has to offer. Committee activities include Facilities maintenaince, Membership and recruiting, Fundraising and events, Communications, and Health&Safety.

Work Parties

There are two work parties each year. These are three-hour sessions on either a weekend or weekday when school is not in session. Families must participate in one work party annually. During these work parties, parents help clean classrooms, repair items, and maintain the grounds.