There are several social and fundraising events throughout the school year. These are voluntary and offer a fun way to strengthen the Rock Spring community.

Class TEE’s (Teacher Education Evenings)

Each class holds an evening gathering approximately one to two times a year. This event is a time for the teacher to share her knowledge on an age-appropriate topic and for the parents to ask any questions.  In addition, this time provides parents an opportunity to get to know one another.

Parent Education Opportunities

We offer several opportunities throughout the school year for parents to come to school and hear a speaker or a teacher speak on child development issues, parenting skills, literacy, or any other topics our Parent Education Committee feels the parents are interested in that year.

Back-to-School Picnic and End-of-Year Picnic

Rock Spring hosts a fall family get-together for all preschool members and their families. This event provides a chance for new families to meet old members and for the children to enjoy time when the whole school is together to greet old friends and make new ones.  At the end of the school year families and children gather to say good-bye for the summer.

Parents Night Out

An annual fundraising event for parents is held in the spring. The evening is full of fun and great food and is a wonderful opportunity to bid on auction items, socialize with fellow parents, and support the school.

Open Door Day

This is a day we open all the interior classroom doors and the children are free to explore and interact with one another throughout the school. Teachers will explain Open Door Day in class and will present the activity as an extension of the classroom’s free play time into other parts of the school.  Open Door Days provide an additional opportunity for multi-age interaction, play, and social growth. ​

Notification about these events can be found on the school calendar.