Our School: Philosophy


The RSCP philosophy is based on the knowledge that young children learn by playing and that their play reflects their continual emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth and development. Our most important goal is to have each child develop a positive self-image, and an interest and joy in learning. To do this, parents and teachers strive to provide a nurturing, stimulating, environment in which children learn through play experiences.

Each child can expect to be treated with respect. The child can try out ideas, express feelings, and know that he or she will still be accepted and loved as a worthy individual. Teachers and parents help children form good habits, solve problems, learn to interact with others, and develop a good self-image.

There are no predetermined standards of achievement at Rock Spring. Each child is free to create in a way that is entirely his or her own. The end product will not be judged according to peer or adult standards of creativity but according to the child’s own eye.