Our School: Facility

Rock Spring Cooperative Preschool is located in the campus-like setting of Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ. The classrooms are all on the first floor of a new wing built in 1995. Each classroom has specific areas for circle-time and quiet reading, role playing areas with dress-up props and kitchens, art project areas, and much more. Each child also has a “cubby” area labelled with his or her name or symbol to encourage independence. The older children’s classrooms have areas for class pets and science experiments. In addition to these facilities, the students regularly use two other special rooms–the Block Room and Big Muscle Room–and the Playground.

The Block Room
The Block Room is so named for its expansive inventory of blocks of all shapes and sizes. From huge wooden blocks, large enough pose gross motor challenges for our youngest students, to small Duplo blocks, this room is all about building, imagination, and cooperation. It encourages individual artistry, conceptual thinking, quantitative analysis, physical development, language development, and social skills.

In addition, the room also houses the school library for children and adults, and other resources that allow children to extend their learning experiences beyond their classrooms. The students regularly visit the Block Room as part of their weekly routine.

The Playground
Like the Block Room, the Playground is an extension of the classroom curriculum. Children most often engage in free choice play that involves the use of the big muscles. The playground is adjacent to the classroom building and has a climbing and sliding structure, swings, sandbox, sidewalk area for riding and pushing toys, a garden, a large wooden playhouse, and a central grassy area. Well equipped with balls, bikes, and other outdoor toys, the Playground is a wonderful area not only to develop gross motor coordination but also to practice social skills in a different setting.

The Big Muscle Room
Rock Spring Cooperative Preschool is very fortunate to have access to a large multipurpose room located in Neighborhood House, across the grassy area from the classrooms. The Big Muscle Room provides a large area for the children to run, jump, ride, and climb on those days when the weather does not permit outside play. Equipped with a climbing/slide structure, riding toys, bikes, balls, parachutes, and more, the Big Muscle room provides yet an additional learning area for our students.